The calm

A workman’s thud 

The pickaxe’s plug

Wearing weights

Bearing fates

Ripped wrong from earth


And the machines play 

Sad song serenity

So the secrets say

Calm before humanity


The wrecker’s ball

A minute’s madhouse

Inmates bled small

Silver mistakes

On Kashmir plates


And the machines play

A sad song serenity

So the secrets say

Calm- before humanity


Tinker Toys

I am writing a million poems

As part of a magic charm totem

Which will cast upon her well

Thewishing well of magic untill-

By a million poems

She has come to love me

Oh and when she do!

How free we shall be

Like tinker toys,

Beautifuland interesting but utterly inconsequential 

We have each other

What else would we need?