Random story part 1

This is the place where they all go. In fact I’ve been waiting here too long. I’ve started to see them all. I thinking worst of them, the regulars, the buss riders, the coffee drinkers, the bums….they’re all liars and no one can tell. They know of course, after all they have to, they’ve sent each other here. They work together in dark, subtle ways, intricate, evil and somehow beautiful. I would know, I used to be like them. Most of them have forgotten and of the rest, few of them know- but I was third one.

I remember how it was too. Bright and empty, the snow would fall like cheap plastic wine bottles and melt on the asphalt. The ground was always so warm. I’m still not sure if it was the hot springs or the fallout… Anyway the first one came and he saw that the city could be used. It was far from everything but full of incredibly stupid humans. They didn’t even notice when it started. The dumb bastards thought it was another plague. By the time there were there of us we had learned to practice restraint. Even if the town couldn’t tell what was going on, someone else might and it would have been worse for us. I mean if the white rose had known we were operating out there when we were only three I’m sure that even I would have died. I’ve done that twice already and I had no intention of doing it again.

Anyway the second one, she killed theorist. He was the first. He made all of the plans. The second, she butchered theorist but she kept his plans and she put them in place. That was when I disappeared. In response she started bringing more and more in from the cabin on the outskirts. Maybe she was scared of me and wanted back up, or maybe she just wanted to watch the whole damn world burn. That was what started happening. Our numbers were too great,I’d watched it all for too long. Now it was to the point where, if I was going to survive and keep feeding,they were all going to have to die. Every last one of them had to burn and it had to start with her. Then theorist’s plans could be mine and I could know the truth he had always hidden from meC


Unmarked oceans

Beautiful and chalk-like lingerie 
Crumbles to dust beneath my fingers
Before it fades into nothing
As if it was never there
And you stand before me
Bare and erotic
Trembling spruce tree
Whispering all your tiny little secrets
In desperate panting breaths
Your desire was the eloquence 
The wonder of this universe
How the sea’s rolled inside you
Clouds went through your head
And desperate as the new tide
Cling to reachful for everything
Your eyes burned a thousand sighs
And you watched eternity
Unbundling time
And giving seconds to you
Moved with liquid grace
Through outstretched eyes
Unmarked oceans
New fields of vision
Until the mosaic tiles dry
Crack and tumble
Till all that’s left to god
Is but the memory
Of your image.