Jus’ One lil Necklace

He found the diamond necklace outside the pet shop.  Tom Jones thought- why not keep it?  He put it in his pocket and walked home.  It was a fine thing really; and he needed a spot of luck.  Things had been so difficult lately.  

He was in Monterey working on fishing boats- in and out of canneries, working wherever he could.  The mornings were cold and fog crept off the bay to chill his bones, to torture his arthritis.  During the tourist season he was in the coffee shops and when he had free time he took out his guitar and busked his beer and bread money on the street corners.  Pretty much it was all for his gurl.  She lived in Monterey too but she told him,

“I’m dreaming of Hollywood, Tom,  Take me to Los Angeles someday!”  


So he worked and when he had money he stuffed half of it in his mattress, spent a fourth of it on keeping the house and filling the fridge… and the rest, the rest he used to buy her flowers or to get them wine.  They were very fond of wine.  Unlike Cable, wine was a luxury they could afford.  

They smoked, but they never had to buy tea.  He grew it in the backyard, in the gardens.  He loved to sit in the gardens.  She loved to help things grow.  Still- he’d had it hard for a couple months.  The tourists were back in their big towns and cities.  His pops was dead so they’d had to get the funeral done.  He promised to cremate the old man.  It was strange how much it cost a soul to leave the world behind.  

His baby seemed grim.  Sorta like she missed the old man and like… like his death had sent something spinning in her mind.  The gears were turning in her head and something was dark behind her eyes.  

Maybe she would like the necklace.  He decided that she should have it.  It would be a waste to pawn the thing just to pay off a few months of rent.  What was it people said, diamonds last until the end?  Something like that… Well at any rate, it was the kind of thing she could wear when he took her to Los Angeles.  He smiled and enjoyed the cool night air .  His feet crunched over gravel and crickets kept a steady orchestra.  It truly was a beautiful night.