Memory held everything

The sun thought it was a swing 

for time to bend on 


time thought she was alone 

but she saw that swing 


and they built a garden together 

where time could flow


there daughter was alone

she didn’t know 


anything lived next door 

he plucked guitar strings 


she saw him on the front porch 

and asked time to go 


so while the sun set 

she went to anything 


he just laughed 

and gave her a diamond ring


so anything married sunset

and sunset went to the moon 


Now sunset met memory 

and he stole her heart 


but that was alright with anything 

I guess he had nothing better to do


then drift on and sing 

while time sat in sun’s swing 

and sunset wore his diamond ring 

while memory held everything


the moment was beautiful

she was just

walking and

I was 


so I stopped and everyone pass

just so I could see her smile

when I winked

and waved

and that was it

then I drove on

and she walked to the library 

but the moment was beautiful

This bar in Santa Monica

Noises flow
The destination grow
The place just flow
All them lovers been in love
For so long
They hold close
Under them dim gray lights
Like they the only ones
Like they ones who know

But I watch the ways this life unfolds
Do you really think you so much better?
Then them monkeys on a rock in space

You just sea monkeys
On a ball in space
A marble in the cosmos.

So help us anybody

Ain’t nothing we know
Ain’t nothing we know
For sure


Take up arms
Against your sorrows
They don’t hurt no more

Lift your heart to the heavens
Feel the rain come down
It don’t chill the bone

Touch the mountains
Feel the bones of the earth
Be one with your life

And before it ends
You will be rewarded
You will know joy beyond measure

Cast your sorrows aside
You don’t need them no more
Cast away your hurts

Take hold the welcome hand
And let lovers befriend you
Porcupine- cast aside your quills


Despondency strikes
Cause I’m broke
And I gotta pay rent
At the first of the month
But not move in till the twelve
It’s a tricky situation
A little squeeze
I read Fitzgerald
And dream of bullshit problems
Like husbands and wives
Chivalry and lies
And at least I know
I could never care about that shit
I’d rather see the seas turn red
And watch the skies go gold
And see a thousand sunset on mushrooms
Then worry whether I’m a good doctor
I let someone else worry if they’re a good doctor
I’m sort of
I’m sort of free
But I’m trapped
I guess I have to eat
And I still need somewhere to sleep
But I don’t have to worry if my kids will hate me
It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks
It seriously stops thinking
When I start thinking
Then I’m gone
So this despondency
It does not become Me
It takes Me
And then I’m gone
But then I’m free

Flying car

I had the dream last night
Where we were flying

You flew your car
Through a blue sky
And lay on the floor looking out the windows

The clouds recoiled before us
We were too bright
Too beautiful

All that remained to us were smooth thoughts
And clear skies
It felt warm

To be high and flying near you again
Was its own reward
We watched the city unwind

For hours
Until the sun grew lazy
And Los Angeles drifted off to sleep

Flow of things

For every time a man pines for his lover
And you watch him scoffing
You will be alone

For every time a women weeps
And you leave her alone
On desperate streets

You will suffer

For each moment an infant is without its mother
And you feast on milk and honey
You will starve

As you build yourself
The world rejects you
You can only rebel so long
Before Gaia Smites you

The flow of thing cannot be rejected.
It is the only way.

For each hand you help
Another will spring up
To hold you

For every mouth you feed
Another morsel shall come
And fall to your lips

For every guitar you play
And share with one in need
Another song will come to you

I regret only the times I did not do enough
For the lovers and livers all around me.

“Feel it All Around”

Feel it all around

Feel it in the waves

Let the wind

feel it all around

Feel it all around inside

Feel me like the sun

It’s time to grow

Up on this plain

In my garden

We are growing

On the plateau

We are building

This love is yours

Feel it all around

Feel it in the sea

Feel it all around

Feel me

Went to see my lover

I went to see my lover
The only girl I love
But she’s in love with another
Now I’m on my own

She’s got eyes like emeralds
And lips like cherry cigarettes
Her hair is long and never ending
But now she’s solid gone

My baby left me for the marine corps
Now she’s a fighting in the sand
I just want to tell her that I love her
Oh don’t you understand?

She’s got eyes like emeralds
And lips like cherry cigarettes
Her hair is long and never ending
But now she’s solid gone

My baby left me for the mountainside
My girl left to be alone
She’s a searching for her soul now
She’s gone to the unknown

She’s got eyes like emeralds
And lips like cherry cigarettes
Her hair is long and never ending
But now she’s solid gone

-written by Ian Galbraith, please don’t steal yo! Hahahaha