And maybe next time I’ll ask for her number

Aw man Everytime I go into trader joes I just see this girl from across the way with eyes that burn
And while I sit there dumb just reminding myself
“Play it cool man, play it cool”
She sort of registers me and sends a message across the check stands
With eyes that burn
“Come hither”
And I mean she is smoke on the water
Lightning crackling in July
Fireworks over the fountains of Versailles

And Everytime I walk in that little shop
I just come unglued
But I manage to talk to her
Chat her up
Say what’s up
See how she lives
Here about the quirks of her neighborhood and friends
But that’s it

I gotta grow a pair
And maybe next time ill ask for he number.


I’d Lose My Job


I just wanna say 

that we’re only a little pebble

in an endless black stream

and that black stream

that endless night 

is just one 

of many

and this reality we fret over

is overtaxed by bullshit

but if I did that

you’d laugh and-

I’d lose my job.

I’ll Just sit next to you

When I find my loving
I will finally move on
And give my cherry honey
A Yorkshire farm

Until that time
Ill dream and lie
Flirt with tangents
To make angels cry

And when I find my loving
My longing will be true
Ill stand for the things I stood for
When I was still in high school

Until I find my loving
I’ll just sit next to you

Get up

Sup world
Every morn
I rise
And check
My arms
My legs
Still long
My wounds
Still sigh

And I close my eyes
And wait for the next

Rise now
And check
Look and
To see

That everything is still there
That my self is complete

Dreaming the apocalypse

Spinning me new ones
Bleeding my money away
Closed out
Rail lines
With too few options

This is my America
A place where you can’t afford
But breads everywhere
You can stay where you stand
And get fat like everyone else

But you won’t see the rest
And if you travel
And if you try
To chase your dream
You will die

You will get sick
Go mad
Get hungry
Hide your eyes and sigh

You will be betrayed by a thousand lovers
And wake up every weekend
Missing your forgotten loves
And grasping for footholds
On the open air

Dreaming the apocalypse was today
When it’s always tomorrow

Good luck to you

She’s like a
Failed work of art
All grim and
Falling apart
Her nose is so pretty
Her skin soft and smooth
But her smiling eyes glare
When they should soothe

And her gentle body
Moves cruely
And frays
Like its at war
And her hips don’t sway-
They jaunt
As if in taunt
And when she’s got something to say
Her lips don’t part
They smirk
As she teases you on

While I watch from the bar
And raise a glass
Silently singing-
“Good luck to you.”

The damnedest thing

The damnedest thing

You spend time
On the road
You drift a while
Take what you find
Bury it somewhere safe
You hide your bones
Stash your birds
Bury your nuts
And stay alive
One winter after another
And one day
After years of couches
Cold caves
And stone lots
You find yourself on a decent bed
And for a moment
You can’t sleep
Because its too perfect
It’s so nice
So warm and soft
You lay awake

The damnedest thing

An evening at Ameretto’s

He said he hates this place.  The house disgusts him.  In the isle  between his door and the fridge, a dog takes a shit.  He stares back up at us blank.  No one has ever told him not to.   I sit at home and figure, Id type this on word where no one can see but she’s taken that from me too.  I wonder if anyone gets how hard it is to keep flowing when you’ve got so much to keep you down.  


I wish I could fly away on wings of kerosene and burn everything- his ugly old house.  My tent out back.  The back pack full of meth.  All of it.  Instead I’m just sitting there watching the animals shit everywhere while he says- 

“See what I mean?”