Looking for a Place to Live

Ok I don’t normally disrupt the purity of my poetry blog for anything, not for anything man.  I’m all about the art here at seekingstories- that being said, I’m moving back to Los Angeles and I need to find a room.  Hit me up bloggers, let me know if there are some cool people out there in the city that need roommates or sublets.  I’m a poet and a musician and most important, a sweet roommie who cleans.  


when everything makes sense

Feeling the weight of the morning as dramamine starts to spin

the way it does every Saturday morning

except this thursday it spins

and it spins

and nothing happens

nothing without

nothing within

just checking the clock and pulling at my skin 

wondering about rent

and work

and missing meetings

you never knew existed


just sitting at home

pulling my skin


ill be better when I’m older

when I’m not sick

when everything makes sense.

Subtle Tensions

Old lady sorta leered at me.
You use that one-
Then she beats me with a stick
That one!

I was trying to win
To run fast
But in the end
Lost me self

Like death
With silence
Treated silence
So the gloom thickens

And in the dark
Subtle tensions

“It’s alright ma, I’m only bleeding”

Darkness at the break of noon

He not busy being born
Is busy dying

My friends are all dying
There are all leaving
And I am leaving with them
I do not know where

It’s alright ma
I’m only sighing

To make that all should be killed to crawl
But don’t hate nothing at all
Except hatred
Flesh colored Christ’s that glow in the dark

It’s only people’s games
That you got to dodge
And it’s alright ma
I can make it

My friends are from here to eternity
You suddenly find
You have nothing to fear
They leave in droves

They tell me that they love me
And quietly disappear- As I wave
While the masters make the rules
For the wiseman and the fools

But it’s alright guys
I’m only fading
And when the morning comes
And hating the light I rise

I will think of my lovers
And scorn my lives
All the times
I’ve wasted

Just not being in your arms

But I mean no harm
Or put fault
On anyone who lives in
A vault

But life sometimes must get lonely
Pettiness plays so rough

But it’s alright ma
It’s life and life only

That sunrise again

I woke up high-

On a floating bed

The buttress

Of a fortress

Floated next-

To me.

I sighed and witnessed

Another sunrise.

Must the world

Never stop spinning

May time

Come to no end

Even so-

I will never

see that sunrise again.

Before the working week

I feel it man
The heat just bears down
The sky is devoid of clouds
I guess I would be safe and warm
If I was in la
I can also be cooking in Escondido
Or baking in pendelton
Or freezing in Alaska

One by one people are leaving
More and more
Heading north for the winter
I miss my buddies
My homies
The people I share with
Books and beers and bowls-

All the good things
Were given
In groups
Stories and dreams
Hopes and fears

Now it’s just August again
The whole thing just feels like one big Sunday
Before the working week

Poem by my friend hauntedramblr

too much

“Live love and die a thousand-
You will not learn their truth
The tops was not enough
The tops was not enough
The tops was not enough
The tops was not enough
There was more lurking
Waiting more and more
For something to gobble up
Lemon dreams
Digital world
Dissolve me
Obsolve me
I’ve seen too much”