Dog on The Counter

How to find
A subtle way
To express one
One’s own
Their senses

How it was
To be
Stopped alone
At a single
Red light!

Or to be
The dog upon
The kitchen counter
When master is gone
And no one is looking


I sit at the window and hear the breeze blow

I sit at the window and hear the breeze blow
The trees speaks uttering next to me
Memory- memory- memory-
Everything for him was as memory
His arms were the grasping leaves
Tugged at and out season
Dying turning from leafy to gold
Dying and just getting old
I sit at the window and hear the breeze blow

At the old cafe

I went to dream at the old cafe
Where in winter time they old men sigh
And on cool mornings
Husbands cough
Breathing out like dragons
Splitting wood
Chopping logs and lighting the first fires of day

And while I dreamt- I dreamt away
Slipped and fell
The resonance cascade
Caught me weeping
And sigh one more

At the old cafe
Cry for more

Your racing car had an existential crisis

Finding meaning in the realms of love
Who an I?
An wondering priest
A bard of sorts
A paladin of peace
And wandered
Finding worlds
And realms
With thoughts beyond
I find love and
Rejoice in it
Finding meaning in the realms of love

And dream

And I know that I gotta get on it
Rock and rolling
Rocking and rolling
I got get it
And get one it
Get on it
Shouldn’t it
We were
As unknown
Dreaming dying
Thoughts unending
Dreaming dying
Dreaming dying thoughts unending

A man in a microphone screaming
Where is the world?
Where is the thoughts of light
The dream of darkness
The thought that would turn everything

Ah I dream I dream I dream and dream and cry and scream and dream and dream

It still beats sleeping alone

Land lady found out
Got love in the air
No way did I ever
No way not ever
No way did I ever
Even care
When my love was with me
The land lady found out
And she said-
“No overnight guests”
But I can’t keep my bed cold
Sitting sad and stoned
I’d rather be with my love
Even if it costs me
Even if I lose
Even if I’m stuck
Deep in this rut
It still beats sleeping alone

Dark secrets

Dark secrets
Flow in the city
Like Atlantis
under the ocean
Calming waves
A seagull cries
I sold you
And you sold me
Sitting side by side
At the old chestnut tree
And sigh to you
And sigh to me
We were not alone
In purgatory
Along with us
Were the eyes and arms
Hungry mouths
And lying lips
Of humanity
Followed us
Making noise
Sinking ships
Burning foals
Leaving coals
Discarded as
Abandoned islands
With dark secrets