Smoke Out! Utah Students Caught Smoking Marijuana in Igloo

poor utah kids


Some University of Utah students who thought they found a cool new place to smoke pot by cramming into an igloo have been busted by the police.

The five-foot-high structure with walls that are 10 inches thick and a cardboard door was in a wooded part of the Salt Lake City campus, CNN reports via affiliate FOX 13. No arrests were made, but four students  — including one who had a backpack with marijuana and paraphernalia — had been referred to the school’s Student Behavior Committee. And to those who might be inclined to check it out, note police officers have reportedly already destroyed it with sledgehammers, according to FOX 13.

No word, however, on whether the students have headed to Colorado, where skiers are already lighting up on the slopes.

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A pair of Cadillac keys in her hand

She would be playing Jazz at this hour
silly girl. Too young.
Much too young
Too young for this quiet witching hour.

She was a wash of a thing-
A waste of time if you ask me.
She was halfway in the grave with-
One foot in a bubble bath and….

A pair of Cadillac keys in her hand



Swift like Thunder

swift like thunder

yum like salad dressing

carrying crumble apple pie

comes my lover

sunset weaving 

in her palms

at her finger tips

and no eternity beckons

they don’t have time for us there

and we play too loud

for them.


Kiev is going nuts right now

Poesy plus Polemics

Pechersk Lavra Monastery Kiev, Ukraine Photo from Pechersk Lavra Monastery
Kiev, Ukraine
Photo from

writhe at the unseen lingering touch
by Chernobyl fingers of Soviet hands
draw deep cleansing breaths
exhale liberty
over these broad ancient steppes
where the ancestral horse
was first tamed to the bit
and the burden of riders
where breadbasket wheat
sways in capital waves
over savory oilfields catering
menus of sham independence
it’s time for that spirited bloodline
those fiercely proud Carpatho-Rusyns
to rise from repression and
once and for all
plunge the dagger of freedom
right up to its self-declared hilt
in the slavering red hearted bear

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Mortal coils

Clock drags on unreal anyway
In spite and to spite all shape and form
And bitter semblance proof
Solid concrete reality
Unreal never the less
For all it’s ticking and wheels spinning

These things they turn until they bend you
They spin your dreams away
Leaves fall to the ground
The flowers blossom
Children grow grey
And still these clock wheels

They are always turning
Until at last all springs end
And these frail mortal coils
Untether their touch on humanity

And in the darkness- unbend
And in the darkness- straighten again

Búscate un amante


El cuento de Saliary

Búscate un amante.

Que te coma la boca sin callar tus deseos.

Que te hable sin palabras.

Que te haga el amor a distancia, a gestos, a miradas.

Que se enamore de tus manías.

Un amante que te haga ver en la noche el sol, y en el día, sueños.

Quien pueda ver en ti la inmensidad del mar, tras tus oleados defectos.

Quien no te robe la soledad. Respete tus silencios.

Alguien que acaricie tus cicatrices,

y haga de tus gemidos, música que viaja en el tiempo.

Que te llene de olvidos.

Que dé satisfacción a tu universo

Búscate un amante.

Que te haga perder el miedo al miedo.

Que despierte curiosidad.

Que haga gritar tu almohada.

Quien escuche tu insonoro canto,

y se excite con tu recuerdo.

Búscate un amante que te muestre su locura.

Te vuelva loca.

Quien despierte tu intriga.

Ponga rostro…

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Hello I’m seekingstories

Hello I’m seekingstories and Imma pirate
Not like the from Oceanside kind or pirate
Even though I do have blood in oceanside
Not the gang related kind mind you-
Although I do know a few who’d-
Well never mind that
But I tell you
I cannot handle all these things
Today I rode my bike through Compton
My girls mad at me
Because I don’t care when I die
I’ve died a million times
I’ll die a million more.