Thursday after lunch

Ok well now it’s time to head the second half of this game. First two quarters were brutal, lots of tackles, takedowns and interceptions- not to mention the qb keeps bitching about his stomach.


Dying is ecstasy

A blogger felt this was worthy of repost. I’m making something new even as we speak as I am stuck somewhere


Dying is ecstasy
When you feel the heat
And you start to run

I touch sky
And melt clouds
Till sunset make the colors run

And dying is such ecstasy
On a summer day
In the six o’clock heat
In the month of may

Dying is such ecstasy
I can’t wait to see you
When we get away

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what am I going to eat 

like some turkey?  Some chicken?  Some beef?  


hahaha roast beer.  

not a solid choice

a thin ice sandwich

and no bacon burger


but really hungry nonetheless

down for some chicken, some macaroni

or like thai style stuff in curry

I’d eat that with an Oreo mcsnorio freeze 


and be all fat by the next sunrise

but whatever


and then thinking of breakfast….


mimosas say the least and

screwdrivers tell too much

this isn’t anything really here 

if your looking to eat. 

Lunacy (NaPoWriMo #4)

thought this was a fun one sorta with a creepy little twinge to it like minor keys at midnight 🙂
have fun and enjoy this saturday everybody.



Heavy fluttering adrenaline
Searches for an empty space
In the dark.

A title alike its name, this lune is an interpretation of anxiety, but is also inspired by the feelings I’ve had entering an audition. Excitement can be overwhelming and the first task is to find a vacant spot in the studio. Today we entered class chattering, to find a pitch black theatre, lit by a small table lamp sitting on the piano in the corner. The scene was both serene and sinister, and senses somehow both restricted and heightened, as we warmed up in hushed conversation and darkness. (Lights were turned on before we started dancing, thank goodness!)

Thanks for reading,

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Tree Flowers

Good ole charisma

Don Charisma

These flowers are on a tree. To shoot them I’m standing on tip-toe with the camera in my outstretched arms. There’s a running debate about whether power cables detract from the beauty of a photo, personally I don’t have a problem with them, to me they add to the photo.

I see the blooms are starting to wither a little, so probably will be seed buds soon !

I’m just the photographer, not a botanist, so no idea what species they are …

“Glorious bloomeria” probably 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

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