If there is a then

If there is a then
There’s so much all over 
Down I the deep 
I drown in the deep
Steal my words 
Steal my soul 
Leave me my feet 
Ad I’ll move on 
Mock me and my gortar strongs
I’ve been lost with less 
I’ll be lost again 
If there is a then


Make better!

Certain things have a smell
Hippies and drunks-
Dope dealers vs dope users
Cops, pigs and soldiers-

They all have certain smells
Some smell like salesmen
Some like liars
Burn notice smells like Miami-

But your writing stinks
Everything has a smell
But your shit reeks-
It’s like fermented sock

Los Angeles Gets Time-Lapsed In Gorgeous “City Lights” Video

These are fun

The World Famous KROQ

By Nadia Noir

While we’re typing away in our cubicles, stuck in traffic, or doing mundane errands like laundry, it’s hard to notice and appreciate the beauty of Los Angeles around us.

Our city is, literally, twenty minutes from everything include awesome beaches, the mountains, the deserts, and tons of urban activities.

This textured landscape provides a pretty killer backdrop to our daily grind.

One filmmaker, Colin Rich, captured in his video called “City Lights.”

Check out Los Angeles from a bird’s eye view in this beautiful time-lapse video.

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Dead again dying again

All I can think about today is dead dreams
And beautiful women
The list that one feels
As lights run across the stage
And the chill night traces outlines
Along the crowd
Lips and titts and hips
how I was going to change the world
Before I got run over
Deep in debt
Now I’m a part of it
Just another
Plastic fucking peg
Pound me with your drug hammer
Grant me rock and roll
I want to die
Before these ulcers catch up
Before gods own fingers
Claw out my guts