Where my eyes don’t see

The holy held high
Holding back eternity
With a blindfold over my eyes
A crayon and a stencil
Nothing to do
Nowhere to go
No rebellion to cling to
Mariam Marxism memories
Multi- platinum beauty queens
Filthy with Los Angeles schemes

American dreams
American dreams

My mind is empty
Memory incomplete
I can’t tell you what’s happened to me
There’s a hole in my mind.

-where my eyes don’t see


Watching the Cool Dawn From Sheets

cool little morning

quiet and clear

like a brunette 

drawing near

be cool

be sweet 

meek little morning

give me what I need

to stay in bed

and sleep

A corpse on Tuesday

My friends I’m fucking over this shit
Why can’t we just run away?
This town is fucked
The cake is a lie too
I remember when I was the true believer
Now I’ve lost my way
Lost my head
Lost my heart
Falling apart
Utter melting doom
And I smell like cheese
From the dark side of the moon
Im a corpse baby
Really I am

Forever exhausted (every day)

I wake up early
Like a youngster
Ready for toons
Even though
I sleep so little
I get on my feet
Even though
Five days a week
I can’t get sleep
On Saturday morning
I rise early
And get on my feet

I guess you’ll find me racing sunrise
There’s nothing I can say
I wake up this time
Every day

Working class sonnet

I’m a genius and no one knows it
My girl reads my stuff
That’s good enough

But every once in a while
I think about publishing
Motherfucking. Daunting.

I’m not a virtue virgin
Don’t feed me to your children!
They might end up as punk pistols

I’m a writer but I’m raunchy
Even my friends don’t always understand me