Forever exhausted (every day)

I wake up early
Like a youngster
Ready for toons
Even though
I sleep so little
I get on my feet
Even though
Five days a week
I can’t get sleep
On Saturday morning
I rise early
And get on my feet

I guess you’ll find me racing sunrise
There’s nothing I can say
I wake up this time
Every day


If there is a then

If there is a then
There’s so much all over 
Down I the deep 
I drown in the deep
Steal my words 
Steal my soul 
Leave me my feet 
Ad I’ll move on 
Mock me and my gortar strongs
I’ve been lost with less 
I’ll be lost again 
If there is a then

Skeleton standing at a view

The shadows linger and beckon
Down long corridors on windy nights
When all stands freer and your bones sing in the wind whistling free
Near hollow and empty and clattering
Near the hilt where they grip
A human sword and stand
With a soldiers grin
Facing the wind

The boon of Erebos

The hillside rolled with a subtle incline almost as smooth as a sigh and the figures marched upward.
A yellow sun hung over a blew sky, my
Father and his friends unloaded their gear and set up camp.

“It’s never been this crowded before.” My godfather said.

My father turned and gazed up the gentle- daunting slope. I followed his gaze.

“They must have heard how nice it is this time of year.”

I looked out on the land and watched the procession.

Then without warning I darted into the brush and followed them… From a distance.

I saw them at the top of the hill their hoods off, their languid faces weeping long black tears in bright sunlight. They clutched in their hands bright metal, sharp metal, engraved and grim yet nonetheless beautiful knives. Before I could blink they drove the blades they each clutched deep into their throats and dropped dead in a fantastic array. It was the sign of Erebos. That’s when I realized the shadows held dark things. Wicked nymphs watched me and giggled- the ceremony had been of their design and now the noon of Erebos was bestowed upon them. I said naught- but turned and fled.


Just seated
On the ceiling
To better view
The coming sky
The bolstered bulkhead.

Denounced and unending
Divorced and trembling
Calm and soothing
The lie of autumn
Hinting of a warm breeze
In bitter cool air
In dark of night.

Ireland again

Really tried
But I let the day slip from me
Man was a boxer
Cross the bar from me
Wearing his age
On his face
Like a set of old scars
Talking to me
Saying ya man
Your lucky you’re born here
Got it all worked out
Me I’m just an old man
I don’t know if ill see Ireland again.

That sunrise again

I woke up high-

On a floating bed

The buttress

Of a fortress

Floated next-

To me.

I sighed and witnessed

Another sunrise.

Must the world

Never stop spinning

May time

Come to no end

Even so-

I will never

see that sunrise again.

Get up

Sup world
Every morn
I rise
And check
My arms
My legs
Still long
My wounds
Still sigh

And I close my eyes
And wait for the next

Rise now
And check
Look and
To see

That everything is still there
That my self is complete

The mad Greek cafe in baker

It took me a rootbeer on the side of the road at a Greek place in baker to figure out I was starving. My face looked haggard, eyes were shot and wild. I caught myself staring and looked away feeling nervous about making eye contact. Even if it was just with myself in the mirror. I was wearing board shorts, a stolen golf cap a beautiful decay tshirt. The punks heading west all move through place alongside truckers and regular garden variety tourists. Another busy day for baker at the mad Greek cafe.

I’m ok in this, my last ten spent on a gyro.

Then I’m zooming down the Mohave and heading home. The long 15 stretching before us. A long hike till Ncr territory.

Do you need something?

Do you need something?

Sat staring out the window

Not even daring
For a moment-

For a moment
Not even daring to dream

Because why do
And what for?

He said its hard to be an animal

You have to feed yourself he said

He said and sometimes you go hungry

Then there’s no one to help

To catch you up

Just the path you’ve chosen

And your own individual fall