TOR 2/18

you thought that

you that

and then this

and changing the mantle

you burned

the cellar door

and left it open

and I thought that

you knew


but you’re

a scared little whirl

and totally20170321_124905.jpg batshit


I am of Course a Vampire

I am of course

A false facer

Black heart

Silver tongued

Heartbreak café

From pink sunsets

And green sea’s

I will not be good

For you

I will feel good

But eat your heart

And drink your soul

I come from Entertainment—

Moguls with ecstasy rolls for veins

I am of course—

Quite taken with you

The boon of Erebos

The hillside rolled with a subtle incline almost as smooth as a sigh and the figures marched upward.
A yellow sun hung over a blew sky, my
Father and his friends unloaded their gear and set up camp.

“It’s never been this crowded before.” My godfather said.

My father turned and gazed up the gentle- daunting slope. I followed his gaze.

“They must have heard how nice it is this time of year.”

I looked out on the land and watched the procession.

Then without warning I darted into the brush and followed them… From a distance.

I saw them at the top of the hill their hoods off, their languid faces weeping long black tears in bright sunlight. They clutched in their hands bright metal, sharp metal, engraved and grim yet nonetheless beautiful knives. Before I could blink they drove the blades they each clutched deep into their throats and dropped dead in a fantastic array. It was the sign of Erebos. That’s when I realized the shadows held dark things. Wicked nymphs watched me and giggled- the ceremony had been of their design and now the noon of Erebos was bestowed upon them. I said naught- but turned and fled.


My face doesn’t work
It’s melting
My heart won’t beat
It’s sleeping

The heart rests in the cage
Like I’m in trouble
But instead I feel wasted
1030 at night and I’m working

My hands won’t reach
They’re broken

I sit at the window and hear the breeze blow

I sit at the window and hear the breeze blow
The trees speaks uttering next to me
Memory- memory- memory-
Everything for him was as memory
His arms were the grasping leaves
Tugged at and out season
Dying turning from leafy to gold
Dying and just getting old
I sit at the window and hear the breeze blow

It still beats sleeping alone

Land lady found out
Got love in the air
No way did I ever
No way not ever
No way did I ever
Even care
When my love was with me
The land lady found out
And she said-
“No overnight guests”
But I can’t keep my bed cold
Sitting sad and stoned
I’d rather be with my love
Even if it costs me
Even if I lose
Even if I’m stuck
Deep in this rut
It still beats sleeping alone

Melt Away

Tired- and from what?
Dreams of cars
Exploding guitars
Fascism in training
Overgrowth in undertown
Underwear oblivion
Sprinkled on
A Friday morning
Without much else
But to trip and-
Melt away.


Interiors of Los Angeles
The sky darkened
Not quite black lit
But rose quiet and trembling
I believe in the heart of Los Angeles
That used to be where yuppies loved

Now the gas station counter
Now the bullet proof glass
And beneath the pane
A drawer for currency exchange
No way to shake hands with your clerk
She won’t let you get close to you
Through her
Inside she’s got cigarettes, condoms and Pringles
All stacked to eternity
Like a velvet dream
Of endless marketing

Now the dark sky shimmers
An Ocean there
A clear view
Of crystal thoughts
Smooth vocals

Over soft
Almost inaudible-
Heavy metal distortion

Falling In love with Los Angeles
But really just falling for you

Nick was right

It’s times like this I wish I could still talk to you
But the you I knew just blew away when the wind got strong
I heard you was married now
And I thought,
“Dodged a bullet.”
And I thought,
“Missed my chance.”


It’s times like this
When I’m alone in vista
And my friends working the bar
Pouring me pints
Good ole Mother Earth
I think,
“I could have shared this moment with you”
I think,
“You would have liked it here.”

And afterwards we might grab a chai
And nibble on some bread
Over by the yellow deli
Maybe then we’d catch a late night film
Maybe a goofie monster flick.

But nah
It’ll never happen now
I read great gatsby
Nick was right
You can’t change the past.