Pocket Gamers Lament

missed the raid,

pokemon is a wicked game


like capitalism

if you are not always making moves

you are so far behind

the game becomes an existential excercise

there is no winning it for you

alas you choose the red team

and rather than being socialists,

they’re actually truck driving conservatives

fiscal, social… you name it

I have to raid alongside the boys across the proverbial trenches from me

it damages my pride actually

but the whole is war is stupid.


Totally useless

A remant and a reminder of the true battle,

for xp…an exotic matter… in ingress


TOR 2/18

you thought that

you that

and then this

and changing the mantle

you burned

the cellar door

and left it open

and I thought that

you knew


but you’re

a scared little whirl

and totally20170321_124905.jpg batshit

I am of Course a Vampire

I am of course

A false facer

Black heart

Silver tongued

Heartbreak café

From pink sunsets

And green sea’s

I will not be good

For you

I will feel good

But eat your heart

And drink your soul

I come from Entertainment—

Moguls with ecstasy rolls for veins

I am of course—

Quite taken with you

Strange- Dark- Struggles-

strange dark struggles-

my comrades and I-

I find them ever so often-

In times like these-

Or places like this-

that I am emerald

and you are amethyst

that you are pearls

and I am a rose

and upon the faces

of those we know

that sometimes-

murdered of reason-

divorced from soul-

often sent screaming-

LA County- 99 to life-

the wild hills

location unknown

that men and women are weeping

and as to why- well-

Nobody knows

Such strange dark struggles.

Dead again dying again

All I can think about today is dead dreams
And beautiful women
The list that one feels
As lights run across the stage
And the chill night traces outlines
Along the crowd
Lips and titts and hips
how I was going to change the world
Before I got run over
Deep in debt
Now I’m a part of it
Just another
Plastic fucking peg
Pound me with your drug hammer
Grant me rock and roll
I want to die
Before these ulcers catch up
Before gods own fingers
Claw out my guts


Just seated
On the ceiling
To better view
The coming sky
The bolstered bulkhead.

Denounced and unending
Divorced and trembling
Calm and soothing
The lie of autumn
Hinting of a warm breeze
In bitter cool air
In dark of night.

Feel- my bones!

I feel it in my bones-
The lonely old heartache
The press of time
No less lessening
As a quickening comes to call
Comes to order
Amidst the brawl

I felt it come to order
in my bones
Thought you would-
Knew it should-
To have been brought forth-
Forward thinking!
In such a hall

In such a hall as this
I feel it in my bones

Dog on The Counter

How to find
A subtle way
To express one
One’s own
Their senses

How it was
To be
Stopped alone
At a single
Red light!

Or to be
The dog upon
The kitchen counter
When master is gone
And no one is looking

At the old cafe

I went to dream at the old cafe
Where in winter time they old men sigh
And on cool mornings
Husbands cough
Breathing out like dragons
Splitting wood
Chopping logs and lighting the first fires of day

And while I dreamt- I dreamt away
Slipped and fell
The resonance cascade
Caught me weeping
And sigh one more

At the old cafe
Cry for more