I used to bike all over the city

I used to bike all over the city
My aunt’s mountain bike would take me places
My friend and I we saw robots at Starbucks
And monsters outside of chase
Los Angeles is a crazy world

You can see anything really

We biked past scientologist strongholds that watched out over
Paltry comic shops and comedy clubs
I fear for the upright citizens brigade-
They are too close to the source
And without protection

The stronghold may snuff them out

You see comedians are like philosophers
they point out awkward truths
They show you the city is a mad place
A world of cyborgs and silicone saints
Yet beneath it all still remains

A clouded yet very real- very human place

In the streets- if they are so surreal
I lose myself in waking
As I am unable to
In sleep.



My face doesn’t work
It’s melting
My heart won’t beat
It’s sleeping

The heart rests in the cage
Like I’m in trouble
But instead I feel wasted
1030 at night and I’m working

My hands won’t reach
They’re broken


Just seated
On the ceiling
To better view
The coming sky
The bolstered bulkhead.

Denounced and unending
Divorced and trembling
Calm and soothing
The lie of autumn
Hinting of a warm breeze
In bitter cool air
In dark of night.

Dog on The Counter

How to find
A subtle way
To express one
One’s own
Their senses

How it was
To be
Stopped alone
At a single
Red light!

Or to be
The dog upon
The kitchen counter
When master is gone
And no one is looking

Dreaming the apocalypse

Spinning me new ones
Bleeding my money away
Closed out
Rail lines
With too few options

This is my America
A place where you can’t afford
But breads everywhere
You can stay where you stand
And get fat like everyone else

But you won’t see the rest
And if you travel
And if you try
To chase your dream
You will die

You will get sick
Go mad
Get hungry
Hide your eyes and sigh

You will be betrayed by a thousand lovers
And wake up every weekend
Missing your forgotten loves
And grasping for footholds
On the open air

Dreaming the apocalypse was today
When it’s always tomorrow

The damnedest thing

The damnedest thing

You spend time
On the road
You drift a while
Take what you find
Bury it somewhere safe
You hide your bones
Stash your birds
Bury your nuts
And stay alive
One winter after another
And one day
After years of couches
Cold caves
And stone lots
You find yourself on a decent bed
And for a moment
You can’t sleep
Because its too perfect
It’s so nice
So warm and soft
You lay awake

The damnedest thing

The mad Greek cafe in baker

It took me a rootbeer on the side of the road at a Greek place in baker to figure out I was starving. My face looked haggard, eyes were shot and wild. I caught myself staring and looked away feeling nervous about making eye contact. Even if it was just with myself in the mirror. I was wearing board shorts, a stolen golf cap a beautiful decay tshirt. The punks heading west all move through place alongside truckers and regular garden variety tourists. Another busy day for baker at the mad Greek cafe.

I’m ok in this, my last ten spent on a gyro.

Then I’m zooming down the Mohave and heading home. The long 15 stretching before us. A long hike till Ncr territory.

Just being on the road

Rolling baby. We was rolling on a highway of cold gold
And a shining twinning grinning
Soft luminescent
Candle scented
Gleaming lightbulbs
Streaming electricity
Colorado river
Hoover dam utility
Seeing lights ahead
Moon above me
Still fat and yeller
Like some lazy cat
Aww smiling down from dem heavens
A look into heaven
Amongst the desert she is evergreen
Gambling in primm
Almost everything
Watch out for slim
Scum with a gun
Gotta run and hide
Or let the gunslinger slide
While you just run and hide
Caffeine pills
In lieu of cigarettes
Whiskey Pete’s
Rolled on by
Right through everything

Bout 42 miles left
Started in la
Moved on
Felt good
Just being on the road

Road to Vegas

The highway is like a snake
I’m over it
I wanna move on

I wanna get there
I’ve been waiting so long

The moon is bloated and yellow
It rose red
Now it looms
Gigantic overhead

Up ahead
Beneath the yellow moon
Beside the long freeway
The scene waits to begin