Godzilla- it’s no lie!

you’re not so secret 

walking down with your hair on fire

your dress in shreds 

hunger in your eyes

your not so secret

like you never tried 

burning down cities

ending peoples lives

your not so secret 

Godzilla- its no lie!


headache keeps kicking

wake me up with solemn eyes 

my head is fucking aching 

I need some drug 

some perfect drug 

that will stop me from feeling 

but it wont send my mind reeling

I want something where I take just enough

just enough to get a good feeling 

and boom

man sometimes I could 

get a good feeling 

and boom

I’d be feeling alright 


I’d be doing dandy

but no thing exists 

and this headache keeps kicking

Far from everything

The world is a seashell thrown upside down
Jilted spinning taillight bright
Spinning open shinning things
Mixed about on a sea
Calm and dreading
Dreading dreading dreading
Dreading the final come down
Of open sand
Calm dark sea floor
Oceans bottom
Final rest
Far from light
Far from everything