Sad Eyes

Sad eyes

don’t lie

to tell

the truth

sad eyes

build homes

of proof

sad eyes


for day

sad eyes

just dream

life away

sad eyes

that steal

my heart

and leave

my soul

in puddles


the wind


Stop the Deadly Machine!

Listing to the sides the punkj soil and slide breaking down the concrete barriers to reality existence and the ultimate dream,

swearing in legions they spit and kick up dust.  Now nothing can be seen

screaming and screaming I believe in the death of that- that machine 

and so the machine died when they commanded it too

the machine was of their soul and their blood 

it was nourished by their nightmares– so too its shattered by dreams 

death to the drunk, long live the punk, stop the deadly machine!Image

And dream

And I know that I gotta get on it
Rock and rolling
Rocking and rolling
I got get it
And get one it
Get on it
Shouldn’t it
We were
As unknown
Dreaming dying
Thoughts unending
Dreaming dying
Dreaming dying thoughts unending

A man in a microphone screaming
Where is the world?
Where is the thoughts of light
The dream of darkness
The thought that would turn everything

Ah I dream I dream I dream and dream and cry and scream and dream and dream


Interiors of Los Angeles
The sky darkened
Not quite black lit
But rose quiet and trembling
I believe in the heart of Los Angeles
That used to be where yuppies loved

Now the gas station counter
Now the bullet proof glass
And beneath the pane
A drawer for currency exchange
No way to shake hands with your clerk
She won’t let you get close to you
Through her
Inside she’s got cigarettes, condoms and Pringles
All stacked to eternity
Like a velvet dream
Of endless marketing

Now the dark sky shimmers
An Ocean there
A clear view
Of crystal thoughts
Smooth vocals

Over soft
Almost inaudible-
Heavy metal distortion

Falling In love with Los Angeles
But really just falling for you

deserted ramblers.

the ceiling pushed up on by long legs 

and therapy in between 

the midnight sessions 

with planes roaring 

screaming their diffidence

the totality of one solid complex 

in a dingy apartment 

where the walls were pounding 

and the world ran wet 

with the cold dreams 

of deserted ramblers.