Sad Eyes

Sad eyes

don’t lie

to tell

the truth

sad eyes

build homes

of proof

sad eyes


for day

sad eyes

just dream

life away

sad eyes

that steal

my heart

and leave

my soul

in puddles


the wind


When I get my jacket on

When I get my jacket on
I’ll get out the door
Walk across the ceiling
And see what it’s for

I need an editor
Every time I open my mouth
I try to talk
A sonnet comes out instead

I’m hungry but I’m naked
The radio on
Playing the velvet underground
I can’t leave my bed

Girl I need to get with you
My life is in a rut

Get up

Sup world
Every morn
I rise
And check
My arms
My legs
Still long
My wounds
Still sigh

And I close my eyes
And wait for the next

Rise now
And check
Look and
To see

That everything is still there
That my self is complete

As darkness chokes the trees

sleep takes me slow

I live to dream

to draw the world of day

worthless as clay

the world of night

strong, backwards

strange and stringent

subject to perception

perception to deception

as darkness chokes the trees

Breath of life

The breath of life
And death of day
The steps of night
Trace trails
fade away

The sun falls soft
Soft- into the sea, soft
Like a dove in a dream
The lights turn on
Concrete gleams

The sky turns painted dark
The moon rises red-
A gaunt sliver
Amongst clouds
Over a cool sky

The breath of life
Moves in all these things


Free him from blindness
That travels the lonesome road
And nods from town to town

There is something that binds
Something that quickens
And takes hold

Claws around my throat
Holds my eyes shut
In darkness- choking

She took my hands
She held me down
And asked me to breath