Sad Eyes

Sad eyes

don’t lie

to tell

the truth

sad eyes

build homes

of proof

sad eyes


for day

sad eyes

just dream

life away

sad eyes

that steal

my heart

and leave

my soul

in puddles


the wind


Been A While by Ian Gordon Galbraith

Here’s a slice of my life:

There’s a super moon tonight with an eclipse and I’m hoping we can see it but I love you enough to hold you close and then also to let you go.  I don’t pimp a butterfly, you know?  There is so much to write about.  the junkers next door who gave the dog urn that you use as an elegant ash tray even though it usually stands proudly on your desk like some grim chalice of unknown power.  There is the time we found the dog and we almost adopted him but his mother came and took him away.  Was that symbolic>  I hope not.  I like you.  You make me nervous.  It’s the best.  People have started photographing me, us, I don’t know what it is or what’s up but it keeps happening.  usually in coffee shops.  Doesn’t seem fair, shouldn’t that be a safe space?  People are strange.  I am a lover.  I am fighting desire and oppression I am practicing detachment but I love you all too much to give you up.  Is this the beginning of something or will my life finally end.  I’m twenty-five, they say I’m just starting but than again, I feel so much older than I used to.  It’s disgusting how much I miss you.  I’m never angry anymore but sometimes I don’t feel like… still I won’t give in you know?  I’ve yet to sit down and write.  I get poems out, or spit songs that could one day be good yet right now they still are doing the whole semi- sucking thing.  And I think about all of you back home and I wonder what you are going through, is everything alright in San Diego and Orange County?  Is LA being kind to you?  Will Newport make you feel satisfied and whole after a lifetime of insecurity and depression?  Does the spectrum pay you enough for the lifestyle you like to live?  It seems like you are always spending.  Mangos and ice cream, beauty products, cocaine.  Always the cocaine.  And then there’s you in west Hollywood and you out in north Hollywood and you out in Inglewood suddenly and finally maybe leaving for good?  Are you out?  Are you leaving?  Jack be quick, jack be nimble, I love you too.

What can I say what can I do?  I left my native land and went to the north to fight against something.  Capitalism?  Convention?  Maybe I’m still just at war with myself.  Hopefully not at war with love, feeling it, feeling fine, so good, so good, so good, almost, yes, divine, divine, amazing, ecstasy…. please let me be the only one for you.  But I forgive you if I am not enough.  It is enough.  I can stay here, I can move on, I can do both I can do nothing, let me sing you a song.  I can get better I will get better, don’t let me do no wrong.  Tomorrow when I wake up, let me be a better one.  Godspeed you me, godspeed you you.  I should capitalize more.  God is watching.  God is me, God is you, I am God, I am Buddha, I can do anything.  Those words from a cancerous professor who pretty much just hated me.  Said I tried to hard.  I tried to kill myself but not hard enough.  I am still alive and I always will be but you’ve got to outlive me because I really love you.  Do you get it?  Don’t give up.


Ian Gordon Galbraith

Anemic girls!

Anemic girls-
A vampires treat!
The taste of peanut butter
What men call nutter butter
Shall be your bloodthirst
And when you drink-
Awww man it tastes good
But yes like peanut butter
So if your into that
Come hit us up
You know where we at
Somewhere along Route 66
There’s a rest stop
A motel
And a Cracker Barrel
That’s where we kick it

A pair of Cadillac keys in her hand

She would be playing Jazz at this hour
silly girl. Too young.
Much too young
Too young for this quiet witching hour.

She was a wash of a thing-
A waste of time if you ask me.
She was halfway in the grave with-
One foot in a bubble bath and….

A pair of Cadillac keys in her hand



The Wraith

You’ll know her when she walks in
You feel a crow clawing
She’s the wraith
She hides her doom behind smiles
She hides her sorrow behind smiles
She hides herself behind smiles
She’s the wraith
But once she was a little girl.

Was the cutest thing

There was this one girl
When I first met her
She looked sort of deep
Like a well with-
Well- secrets to keep
But as time went by
I found myself distanced from her
You see
She weren’t so sweet
And that was really too bad
Because she masqueraded as a bubblegum queen
But in reality-
Well some words aren’t worth saying.
I ended up living with her
You know, like roommates and junk
And one day
Me and the boys were all getting stoned
Watching futurama
Eating fried chicken
And feeling fine
And she
She barged in
Stole my buzz
And started to scream
God knows what she was on about
Maybe it was the weed
But I never did that to her
And I never would
Break into a peaceful moment
And blow it to pieces
Like choppers over Vietnam
She was worse than Blackhawks in Somalia
She was like cobras in Afghanistan
She was like tanks in Madrid
She was terrible
And the worst part was-
I used to think the way she made a mocha-
Was the cutest thing.

She’s beautiful and true

I looked up to see her-
All Bright eyes
And fingertips
Vivid green eyes
Smooth red lips
All the more beautiful
For that plain-

A smile on her face
As sweet as-
A midnight kiss
Eyes like green
Like blue- grey
And gold between

I looked at her and knew
Anyone could love her
We probably all do
She’s beautiful and true