Sad Eyes

Sad eyes

don’t lie

to tell

the truth

sad eyes

build homes

of proof

sad eyes


for day

sad eyes

just dream

life away

sad eyes

that steal

my heart

and leave

my soul

in puddles


the wind



Take up arms
Against your sorrows
They don’t hurt no more

Lift your heart to the heavens
Feel the rain come down
It don’t chill the bone

Touch the mountains
Feel the bones of the earth
Be one with your life

And before it ends
You will be rewarded
You will know joy beyond measure

Cast your sorrows aside
You don’t need them no more
Cast away your hurts

Take hold the welcome hand
And let lovers befriend you
Porcupine- cast aside your quills

“Ghetto defendant” (“iron serenity”)

Wish I was alone
Like the falling sea
Because there’s nothing wrong with me
But I can’t see
A way to be happy
I watch the poets like Ferlinghetti

And I wonder

Wish I was alone
Like the falling sea
Because there are a million miles
Between you and me
And none of us can stand it

And I sit
The palm trees sway
Smooth solid isolation
A calm iron
It’s like a war in reverse

Wish I was alone
Like the falling sea
To hear the rush of the waves
As they roar over the reef
Wish I was in love
Wish you could stay
But you’re right here

There’s nothing more to say
This world isn’t enough anymore
I wonder if it ever was
All the psychologists ask what makes us
We make ourselves
And they make nothing
Not even dreams

I wish was alone
Like the falling sea.
I’m tired of insufficiency
Not being able to afford a burrito
I’m tired of spending my time on money
And my money on illusions

I wanna get high and disappear
Once and for all
Just give me
Iron serenity
I don’t want to reach
And hold nothing

I grasp the reins
Before they melt and fade
And then darkness returns
And none of means anything.

And Get behind me satan

Los Angeles to home
To home to cocoon
To sleep and dream
And perchance die
To home to ocean
The cool surf
Poseidon get your trident off me!

Get behind me satan!
I’m not here to drown this time
I’m not here to drown
I’m not here to drown
I’m not here to drown

I’m a log in a bayou
Just rotting away
I’m not here to die
I’m not here to Dance

Alligator get off me!

I stab that cretin with a scimatar
Some moistened bink
She gave it to me
Now I’m governor
Of pales verdes or something

The ocean shimmers in the night
Fuck off these stingrays!
You killed Steve Erwin!

I said get behind me satan!
I said get behind me
I said I’m here
I’m not here to die
I’m not here to drown already
I’m not here to lay waste

My avarice has become me-
No more
No more

Let the rust fall and corrode
And get behind me satan!
Put down your trident Poseidon
I am not your odyssey
I am not your homer to suffer
I am not your bastard prince
I am not your Jon snow
You may let me go
You may let me go

And get behind me satan