Working class sonnet

I’m a genius and no one knows it
My girl reads my stuff
That’s good enough

But every once in a while
I think about publishing
Motherfucking. Daunting.

I’m not a virtue virgin
Don’t feed me to your children!
They might end up as punk pistols

I’m a writer but I’m raunchy
Even my friends don’t always understand me


Make better!

Certain things have a smell
Hippies and drunks-
Dope dealers vs dope users
Cops, pigs and soldiers-

They all have certain smells
Some smell like salesmen
Some like liars
Burn notice smells like Miami-

But your writing stinks
Everything has a smell
But your shit reeks-
It’s like fermented sock

Dead again dying again

All I can think about today is dead dreams
And beautiful women
The list that one feels
As lights run across the stage
And the chill night traces outlines
Along the crowd
Lips and titts and hips
how I was going to change the world
Before I got run over
Deep in debt
Now I’m a part of it
Just another
Plastic fucking peg
Pound me with your drug hammer
Grant me rock and roll
I want to die
Before these ulcers catch up
Before gods own fingers
Claw out my guts

Skeleton standing at a view

The shadows linger and beckon
Down long corridors on windy nights
When all stands freer and your bones sing in the wind whistling free
Near hollow and empty and clattering
Near the hilt where they grip
A human sword and stand
With a soldiers grin
Facing the wind

I used to love you

I saw the smile fading in your eyes today

I saw a new picture of you

you used to look so bright

what happened to you?  

I thought life would kill me too

but it’s started with you

sad to see

sad to see you 

not anymore-

but I used to

I used to love you

Feel- my bones!

I feel it in my bones-
The lonely old heartache
The press of time
No less lessening
As a quickening comes to call
Comes to order
Amidst the brawl

I felt it come to order
in my bones
Thought you would-
Knew it should-
To have been brought forth-
Forward thinking!
In such a hall

In such a hall as this
I feel it in my bones