When “Catalina Fight Song” Sticks in Your Head

pushing petals to the weekend

keep something sweet and free

pushing petals for the weekend

so you can smile at me


die every minute

don’t discuss peace

they’re high in the bathroom

their hope is out of reach


pushing petals for the weekend

so you can fly with me

I’m dying in the evening

sweating in summer heat


pushing petals to the weekend

Gonna get our kicks for free


The Sky might be gone





and the sandstorms…

hardly a place left 

all vaporized eternity 


And nothing to do

Nothing like Rave

City of Vampires 

and porn stars


Nothing too swag to stop

Nowhere left to run 

clock ticking on you 

flight leaving the tarmac


My puddle stompers 

strapped to my knees 

not going to die 

and then move on


leave the flight away

and fuck it anyway

why ask why they always say


I cloud close your eyes

revel in eternity 

and be left alone 


the sky might burn

and then look insane 

like an endless sunset


the sky might be gone 

and craters burning in the sun

with sandstorms raging 

with no hope to move on 


it wouldn’t matter

if she was gone.  

Swift like Thunder

swift like thunder

yum like salad dressing

carrying crumble apple pie

comes my lover

sunset weaving 

in her palms

at her finger tips

and no eternity beckons

they don’t have time for us there

and we play too loud

for them.




by Ian Galbraith

an Ivan Brixton Story

They woke up and smiled at the sun.  The cool air came rolling in off the sea crisp and clean as you please.  The orchids in harvest no longer- the autumnal switched for spring and birth.  I was a newborn in the age of predator drones and also peppermint lattes.  Things were great.  Every time I went out I had a swell time.  I went to school and I came home.  Did what my folks told me.  I did it all alright.  Finally I finished with school and everything, I went out to a bar to celebrate.

The place was called daffodil and it hardly smelled right for a rose like me but all the other graduated blossoms were heading in and I decided to follow my friends.   It was a nice bar.  I got a cool glass of spring water because you can get that in bars around my town.  I know, not everyone is this lucky.  I suppose all I can do is smile right?

Anyway we’re all sipping ours and one of my friends, Harold he is playing games with the sun heads, flipping coins and fooling at cards.  I play a few rounds with Harold but my hearts not in it.

“You look restless.”  Harold says.”

I nod my head but I am miles away.  A million miles away probably two billion if its even a foot but if its two billion… then its a lot.  And now my head which I’m done nodding and now I’m holding in place, that head is sort of spinning… then I see this flower at the end of the bar is she’s drinking alone-

“Deal me out Harold.”

“Whatever Frank.”


I walking over to her feeling like pollen in spring.  Feeling fresh like the day I was born.  I feel immaculate when she turns and smiles.  She winks.  I’m totally grabbing a seat next to her.  She is an absolute rose.  Not even like that loser in Gatzby was supposed to be neither- I’m talking solid rose right now.  She wasn’t some lame lousy Daisy but a real live rose.  She sure had petals to squeeze!

“Hey.” I say.

“Heyyy.” she says maybe sort of buzzed.

“Imma Frank.” I say faking a wee slur.

“Heyya Frank immma Dolly.”  She says.

“I’m in love with you Dolly, do you feel it?”  I ask.

“Yes,” she says and shudders, “It’s overwhelming.”

“It makes my soul quiver to tell the truth.”

“It’s like telepathic alchemy drugs.”  She says.

And with that we leave hand in hand.  Roses walking Petal in petal talking that sweet- sweet roses talk.

Years later we’re all settled down and something happens.  I mean they always said it would but I never thought- well I’ll just say it plain.  We got caught by the Kreacherkin.  They took us.  A dozen of us and a few of our neighbors too.  They stuffed us all into wet refrigerator trucks and shipped us off to god knows where…  It was so dark inside man I nearly lost it but I had Dolly by my side and I had to keep up my rep as a stud.  I had to be a Rose and take care of my Rose, even if we were all just stuck senseless in plastic bags with our roots cut off and tears dripping down our limbs.

Finally light reached us and the strong hands of the Kreacherkin pulled us from the truck.  They wrapped us up together in tight bundles of twelve and shoved our feet into little plastic test tubes.  The Kreacherkin know no bounds nor decency.  I didn’t believe they were real until they stuffed us- wrapped in plastic inside another one of their sinister cold closet ice chest death traps.

[several hours later]

A dozen roses lay on a counter.  Behind the counter a girl in her twenties with leather pants and a nose ring works the register.  She is constantly moving between the fridge containing pre- ordered flower orders and the espresso machines at the shop.  People come up to her- they pick up flowers or coffee, sometimes both.  A young couple approaches the counter during a lull in business-

“Hi I have an order waiting.”  The boy says.

“What was the name?”  Asks Counter girl

“Ivan.”  The boy says.

“12 roses and a mocha?”

“That’s me.”  He says and smiles.  He squeezes his girlfriend’s hand.

“The total is 75.00.”

“Oh no!”  His girlfriend exclaims.


“That’s two much for flowers!  Far too much for these!  They’re only roses Ivan…”

“Crazy.”  The girl behind the counter mutters and goes out back to clean up for the day.

And so the young couple leave and they don’t buy a single thing.  The flowers lay on the counter and there Frank and Dolly lay beside each other.  Frank- he feels alright- for now; but Dolly… Dolly is fading.  The soft is leaving her.  The goodness drips slow across an unattended flower in an independent coffee shop where just now there are no customers.  The girl behind the counter returns.

“Fuck it.”  She says and tosses them out back in the dumpster.

Far from everything

The world is a seashell thrown upside down
Jilted spinning taillight bright
Spinning open shinning things
Mixed about on a sea
Calm and dreading
Dreading dreading dreading
Dreading the final come down
Of open sand
Calm dark sea floor
Oceans bottom
Final rest
Far from light
Far from everything

We are silent

We’re sort of silent

We sit at daybreak and watch the breeze blow

We take our time

Talking easy

Time is not after us

We are sort of pandered to

Time is the vessel by which we speak

The thoughts and memories that come between
Are eternal

And so are we

Ireland again

Really tried
But I let the day slip from me
Man was a boxer
Cross the bar from me
Wearing his age
On his face
Like a set of old scars
Talking to me
Saying ya man
Your lucky you’re born here
Got it all worked out
Me I’m just an old man
I don’t know if ill see Ireland again.

It still beats sleeping alone

Land lady found out
Got love in the air
No way did I ever
No way not ever
No way did I ever
Even care
When my love was with me
The land lady found out
And she said-
“No overnight guests”
But I can’t keep my bed cold
Sitting sad and stoned
I’d rather be with my love
Even if it costs me
Even if I lose
Even if I’m stuck
Deep in this rut
It still beats sleeping alone

When I get my jacket on

When I get my jacket on
I’ll get out the door
Walk across the ceiling
And see what it’s for

I need an editor
Every time I open my mouth
I try to talk
A sonnet comes out instead

I’m hungry but I’m naked
The radio on
Playing the velvet underground
I can’t leave my bed

Girl I need to get with you
My life is in a rut