When “Catalina Fight Song” Sticks in Your Head

pushing petals to the weekend

keep something sweet and free

pushing petals for the weekend

so you can smile at me


die every minute

don’t discuss peace

they’re high in the bathroom

their hope is out of reach


pushing petals for the weekend

so you can fly with me

I’m dying in the evening

sweating in summer heat


pushing petals to the weekend

Gonna get our kicks for free


I’m playing without sleeves

Rolled up and cringing
I’m playing without sleeves
You, you’re at nineteen
I think I know
I know what you mean
Rolled up and cringing
Clinging to the ceiling
I’m not flying so much as screaming
Rolled up and cringing
I’m playing without. Sleeves.

“Traveling, swallowing Dramamine.”

When I get my jacket on

When I get my jacket on
I’ll get out the door
Walk across the ceiling
And see what it’s for

I need an editor
Every time I open my mouth
I try to talk
A sonnet comes out instead

I’m hungry but I’m naked
The radio on
Playing the velvet underground
I can’t leave my bed

Girl I need to get with you
My life is in a rut

Get up

Sup world
Every morn
I rise
And check
My arms
My legs
Still long
My wounds
Still sigh

And I close my eyes
And wait for the next

Rise now
And check
Look and
To see

That everything is still there
That my self is complete


Someone told me last night

That all of this will end

That this joy is fleeting

That the hole in my heart won’t mend

And it was sad

All around me were smiling faces

As far as I knew-

It would never end

But there was no way round it

Tomorrow I was going to San Diego

I’d have to leave my friends


felt warm within

I closed my eyes to sleep 

feeling empty

I woke and felt

feeling empty 

I closed my eyes

and opened them

breathed in

breathed out

opened the blinds

the pale sunlight came in 

I was a spiritual corpse 

but my body was fine

I closed my eyes

I opened them

I did this a third time

Then I felt the love of my kin

and comrades 

and felt warm 


Flow of things

For every time a man pines for his lover
And you watch him scoffing
You will be alone

For every time a women weeps
And you leave her alone
On desperate streets

You will suffer

For each moment an infant is without its mother
And you feast on milk and honey
You will starve

As you build yourself
The world rejects you
You can only rebel so long
Before Gaia Smites you

The flow of thing cannot be rejected.
It is the only way.

For each hand you help
Another will spring up
To hold you

For every mouth you feed
Another morsel shall come
And fall to your lips

For every guitar you play
And share with one in need
Another song will come to you

I regret only the times I did not do enough
For the lovers and livers all around me.