Ian Galbraith Sings Some News

The problem I have is that Dark Side of the Moon really is a great album.  But then we listen to it over and over again while selling cars and making burritos– and it starts to die.

I like to think that when we move on things get better too.  And sometimes they do but then again.  I’ve seen it get worse too.  Things I love become conflated.

An awkward club to see your lover at.

Che Conflatado do amor falso.

And then the music goes with the relationship sometimes right?

Like if she had Neutral Milk Hotel and you had that band from the Garden State who would listen to either ever again?  Probably not either of you.

Although one night it starts raining and then you think of “New Slang” and he thinks of… probably your breasts you two both put the records on, smoke cigs and forget the world for a while.

Stranger things have happened.


And dream

And I know that I gotta get on it
Rock and rolling
Rocking and rolling
I got get it
And get one it
Get on it
Shouldn’t it
We were
As unknown
Dreaming dying
Thoughts unending
Dreaming dying
Dreaming dying thoughts unending

A man in a microphone screaming
Where is the world?
Where is the thoughts of light
The dream of darkness
The thought that would turn everything

Ah I dream I dream I dream and dream and cry and scream and dream and dream

As darkness chokes the trees

sleep takes me slow

I live to dream

to draw the world of day

worthless as clay

the world of night

strong, backwards

strange and stringent

subject to perception

perception to deception

as darkness chokes the trees

Breath of life

The breath of life
And death of day
The steps of night
Trace trails
fade away

The sun falls soft
Soft- into the sea, soft
Like a dove in a dream
The lights turn on
Concrete gleams

The sky turns painted dark
The moon rises red-
A gaunt sliver
Amongst clouds
Over a cool sky

The breath of life
Moves in all these things


Watching the roads blur into one

My life ain’t got no destination

Known or unknown

Watching the towers roll

Leaned back


In the zone.

And every time I go

I travel down the road

The city’s lights are like

Fires unending

Oh and the roadways churn and churn

Turn and turn

This life is truly beautiful

And in its own way


The subtle warmth of summer

The night pours down in cool waves
Of not rain
With planes over us
Like the sundering of skies

A cricket concerto
Rocks this backyard casbah
As I assure myself
I’m the magnificent 7-

I’m not working for the clampdown
Not begging to be melted down.

My girl smiles
In silent soft surprise
As the wind changes directions
And the temple band takes five

And we kiss in twilight
Smoother than autumn leaves
Or crisp winter grass
the subtle warmth of summer

The night pours down in and of itself
Sounds fall like rain.
Crickets chirp until its time
the morning brings another sunrise