I am of Course a Vampire

I am of course

A false facer

Black heart

Silver tongued

Heartbreak café

From pink sunsets

And green sea’s

I will not be good

For you

I will feel good

But eat your heart

And drink your soul

I come from Entertainment—

Moguls with ecstasy rolls for veins

I am of course—

Quite taken with you


Baby I Love You So (Enough to Hold You Close- Enough to Let You Go)

She’s always telling me,

“Your poems are beautiful-

but they are so sad.”

And I look at you

or at your page

to see your face

your purple hair

that beauty and grace

the love I’ve felt

doesn’t ebbe or flow

it stays within me

there’s nowhere for it to go

I used to pour it into you

thick and hot and steaming

warm and viscous

like Zeus’s cum

but now its stuck in me

and there’s nothing to be done

I wrote this during training

and I did it in one go

because I love you that much

Baby I love you so

An assbackwards

Wants to die in order to live
And out run again
The old shogun lord time
And show to him a rats ass
In place of first place the shogun
Can help me get his daughter to third base
But instead he just wants to die in order to live
And then again the old shogun lord knows best
And then Again he ends up winning
Killing myself to live
Wasting all my precious time
I was right when I over to die
Die in order to have lived.

If there is a then

If there is a then
There’s so much all over 
Down I the deep 
I drown in the deep
Steal my words 
Steal my soul 
Leave me my feet 
Ad I’ll move on 
Mock me and my gortar strongs
I’ve been lost with less 
I’ll be lost again 
If there is a then