Ian Galbraith Sings Some News

The problem I have is that Dark Side of the Moon really is a great album.  But then we listen to it over and over again while selling cars and making burritos– and it starts to die.

I like to think that when we move on things get better too.  And sometimes they do but then again.  I’ve seen it get worse too.  Things I love become conflated.

An awkward club to see your lover at.

Che Conflatado do amor falso.

And then the music goes with the relationship sometimes right?

Like if she had Neutral Milk Hotel and you had that band from the Garden State who would listen to either ever again?  Probably not either of you.

Although one night it starts raining and then you think of “New Slang” and he thinks of… probably your breasts you two both put the records on, smoke cigs and forget the world for a while.

Stranger things have happened.


Elect Trump and I Jump

I’ve often thought about killing myself

but only for selfish reasons

only for selfish reasons

have I thought of killing myself

its never something noble

its never something noble

its not as if the human race would be



only for selfish reasons

its not as if the human race would be


for killing themselves

only for selfish reasons

would we build a fence

to keep ourselves in

would we build a fence

to become our own pets

to keep ourselves in

so no one else

could be selfish

only for selfish reasons

never to be better


only to kill ourselves




Bloodstains and echoing footsteps in the doors of eternity

bloodstains and echoing footsteps in the doors of eternity

I am not known

nor ever seen

my words carry dead weight

my tongue speaks dead names

I call on the vampyers of olde to rise anon

and stryke free these chains

to starlight



and immortality

Stop the Deadly Machine!

Listing to the sides the punkj soil and slide breaking down the concrete barriers to reality existence and the ultimate dream,

swearing in legions they spit and kick up dust.  Now nothing can be seen

screaming and screaming I believe in the death of that- that machine 

and so the machine died when they commanded it too

the machine was of their soul and their blood 

it was nourished by their nightmares– so too its shattered by dreams 

death to the drunk, long live the punk, stop the deadly machine!Image

Car Crash on the 405

Driving down the 405
Heading to the whales vagina
And the traffic is a slut
It looms and lingers

We’re all stop and go
And question why we ever lived in Los Angeles
If only to test my shitty breaks
On a spot of bad luck


Three car pile up
A girl in a Honda
Some black dude in a Beamer
And me in a pick up truck

Oh don’t worry ma

It’s like
Just a bust
The bumper bust
Ah and my tires shred.

So that sorta sucked
But I limped my car home
And tomorrow I’m fixing
That goddamn pickup truck

Ask not for-

All the dogs wait in night to howl
So I just sit in the dirt and fling
Guitar strings
While the beasts go to the mall

They wanna make peace with the end,
You don’t wanna know the end
They want the piece at the end
You don’t wanna see the end

And Id like to get up to the office with a plow
I want nothing left of that concrete thing
I wanna hear desolation sing
As we level the building now

I hear them wolves howl
While the joker coyotes sing
Gangster dreams of bling
I just want to hear them howl

When you got nothing to lose
They make peace in the end
When there’s nothing on nothing
Put back against wall

Insert foot in mouth
Aim shot gun to throat

-all of this belongs to Ian Galbraith, he bloody well wrote it

4/11/13 Thursday girl (you know the drill)

I dig girls with leather jackets
With hoops and gauges
Piercingly and tattoos
And not a single diamond

Out enjoying some free meal
Fighting the establishment as it feeds you
Staying out all night
And getting drunk in canoes

Yeah I dig girls in leather jackets
I dig punk rock chix
I dig girls in leather jackets
Girls with hoops and gauges….

Well everyone gotta work somewhere
And she came and found me
Found me working
And she smiled at me.

I dig girls in leather jackets
I dig punk rock chix