Mortal coils

Clock drags on unreal anyway
In spite and to spite all shape and form
And bitter semblance proof
Solid concrete reality
Unreal never the less
For all it’s ticking and wheels spinning

These things they turn until they bend you
They spin your dreams away
Leaves fall to the ground
The flowers blossom
Children grow grey
And still these clock wheels

They are always turning
Until at last all springs end
And these frail mortal coils
Untether their touch on humanity

And in the darkness- unbend
And in the darkness- straighten again


I used to love you

I saw the smile fading in your eyes today

I saw a new picture of you

you used to look so bright

what happened to you?  

I thought life would kill me too

but it’s started with you

sad to see

sad to see you 

not anymore-

but I used to

I used to love you