Dreams of Japanese Whore Houses (by Ian Gordon Galbraith)

I was in Tokoyo and a girl from college was there with me.  An artist and a pretty one.  Her name was Moria.  She was easy to look at.  Gold skin and dark, black hair.  Easy, pretty legs.  Not too strong.  She had average breasts but it really worked.  Trust me it worked.  Then again… you could find a prettier girl if you were looking for someone to fall in love with.  Moria wasn’t about to fall in love with anyone that wasn’t already Robert Rodriguez.  Everyone else was just fun and games in her book.  I didn’t mind that so much.  

We were with her friend- some pretty little asian thing, put on a couple pound since I saw her last.  She always had a glazed look in her eyes.  I think her name was Stoney but I called her Lucy because she used to sell us Acid.  One time we got some twenty tabs off of her.  

Anyway Stoney Lucy was dressed and made up to be like Moria’s sis, like twinsies.  We were in Japan, we were young and bored.  Ended up that a brothel was where we went to drink.  Some sordid things went down.  I can’t remember all of it but I know that Stoney Lucy, Moria and I all got a room and requested to be left alone.  Sort of like bring your own prostitute night.  The Madam just assumed we were voyeurs and let us on through.  What did it matter so long as we payed?  

Anyway we got to drinking and I decided that Moria was a beautiful woman.  I got real wasted and we went at it.  Stoney Lucy sorta watched.  Then after a while she started getting off on it.  Good girl that Lucy.  This went on for a while- thrusting and drinking and all of that.  In and out, up and down.  

Sometimes she let me ride her but what I realized about a girl like Moria is she preferred to push me down and jump on top of me.  I was totally alright with that.  We were drinking fireball mixed with Jameson- I’ve never made a better choice.  It made me feel warm and alive.  My soul was roaring.  Lucy’s soul was roaring.  Moria seemed secret and potent still.  Even as she rode me hard.  Even as her hair went everywhere.  Her eyes kept that cold look they always held.  Even wasted she must have been on a mission.  I remembered being on missions.  Moria pushed me aside and leapt on Stoney Lucy like a panther.  I raised a silent toast to progress and watched them make out.  Soon they were scissoring which wasn’t as hot as I would have hoped.  I stepped in,


“Hey Moria can I fuck your twin?”  


“I don’t care, I’m done with her for a second.”  


Stoney laughed and laid back.  She hiked up that skirt and spread her legs.  The asian pussy looked impossibly tight.  Too fucking tight.  I frowned, would I even be able to get in?  

Moria handed me a drink, Fireball, Jameson and this time a hint of coke- more for texture than affect.  She winked at me.  

“Get on in there.”  She said.  

Crazy Moria was having as much fun as anyone.  Still that look in her eyes.  Something reserved.  Waiting.

I got in there.  It took struggle.  Stoney Lucy squealed when I got it in.  Then she sighed and made some better noises.  I fucked her until I blacked out.  My last thought was, Moria is behind me.  I shouldn’t let her get from out in front of me…

When I came to Moria was naked on top of the sushi bar downstairs.  I was giving her a massage.  Stoney Lucy was nowhere to be seen.  I rubbed my eyes and let thing come back together.  Lucy was probably in the room but why were we down here?  

Moria got up and looked around.  

“Wanna get Lucy?”  She asked.  

“Sure.”  I said.  


Cool as anything she walked naked from atop the Sushi bar to the elevator and waited for the door to open.  A couple business men got out and stared.  She brushed past them.  I followed.  The doors closed.  

Lucy by some stroke of luck was still in the room.  however, she was in bed with my least favorite American this side of Hong Kong.  Arthur Phillips the weasel crouched over her in bed.  Lucy smiled we walked in.  She was getting it up the ass.  Arthur still had his shirt on.  Maybe I was still drunk but something in me clicked and I decided Arthur could get the fuck out of there, his poetry was shit anyway!  

I waked up to him and pushed him off and out.  he cursed and came up with a switchblade.  I decked him.  He went out cold.  Good.  I hadn’t even wasted a word on Arthur Phillips.  Lucy was about to speak when I interrupted her,

“Anyone for breakfast.”  

“Sure Ivan, lets go get something foreign though.”  

“Something gaijin?”  Lucy chimed in.

“I’m down,” I said and turned toward Moira.  She looked dark and alluring in this glittering black dress.  She must have been getting dressed while I was beating the shit out of Arthur Phillips.  What a girl… someone was going to have a helluva time getting married and falling in love with a jungle cat like her.  One helluva time.  Image


across the desert

I don’t need to bleed anymore

I think I’ve bled enough already

then- If I know that-

I know this- 

I’ll bleed again

Next time and 

the time after that

Until I am paper made dry

maybe left to crumble

maybe like sand in the sun

maybe like scorch marks

across the desert

I used to love you

I saw the smile fading in your eyes today

I saw a new picture of you

you used to look so bright

what happened to you?  

I thought life would kill me too

but it’s started with you

sad to see

sad to see you 

not anymore-

but I used to

I used to love you

headache keeps kicking

wake me up with solemn eyes 

my head is fucking aching 

I need some drug 

some perfect drug 

that will stop me from feeling 

but it wont send my mind reeling

I want something where I take just enough

just enough to get a good feeling 

and boom

man sometimes I could 

get a good feeling 

and boom

I’d be feeling alright 


I’d be doing dandy

but no thing exists 

and this headache keeps kicking